Pipes, beekeeping and handmade

Welcome to Rockiros Emporium. This small webshop combines my enthusiasm for pipes, restorations, bees and outdoor with my studies in computer science. Maybe I will be able to inspire you and awaken your interest in nature and bees.

Have fun exploring and discovering,
Marcus Gurschek
Estate pipes

Pipes for connoisseurs

Whether you are looking for unsmoked pipes, a pipe stand or estate pipes, you will find it here.

Check out the pipe section for your next favorite piece or take a look behind the scenes and into my workshop.

Honey and bee products

There is little that tastes as delicious as a spoonful of honey without unnecessary additives. My honey is also actually only honey from the hive, no syrup or other unpleasant surprises.

But there is not only honey from the little industrious insects, but also other useful things like wax, propolis and, of course, scions to breed bees themselves.